Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hot off the wire from the AP:
He signed autographs, sweet-talked star-struck women and even scored free food and drinks at bars and restaurants by claiming he was New York Yankees pitcher Joba Chamberlain.

But in reality, he was 30-year-old Ryan Ward, a Toms River man who looks a lot like the Yankees star and claims he was just having fun.

Here's a photo of the impersonator...

Jenni has said "Joba Chamberlain's circular face makes my heart hurt. I like him so much that I wish I were his mom."

I don't know, this guy looks a lot like the original, and frankly, the original isn't exactly the cat's pajamas. Here's a picture of him with Yankees co-captain steroid-user A-ROD.

He looks a little like Fred Flinstone to me.

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  1. As a Joba Chamberlain mom-impersonator, I'm standing by my man.

    Here's a photo of Joba and his real mom:

    And a photo of Joba and his real dad:

    I would be that other guy's mom, too, if he threw a 100+ mph fastball for the best team in baseball.