Tuesday, February 10, 2009


While I am tempted to say something flattering about A-R*D (hahaha, get it?) to razz Jenni, I've decided to try and show some restraint.

Instead, I went through the ole 'Mitchell Report' and picked out a steroid-using blast from the past:

David Justice

Don't let that vest fool you, he used to be a baseball player!

While there might be some other gems buried in there, from a quick glance at the players named in the 'Mitchell Report' that I recognized without having to look up their picture, David Justice is definitely the most attractive. Look at that scar on his forehead. That shows he's tough. But ignore that hideous tattoo.

Plus, in elementary school I was a baseball card of David Justice for Halloween! I looked like a fool.


  1. You dressed up as a baseball card? Photo please!

  2. Also, your dude looks like Leo Johnson: