Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Five for Fighting (for)

Well, after much consideration here is my Top 5:

#5 Mark Grace - formerly of the Chicago Cubs and some other team in the Southwest.

I've decided to include two pictures (goatee and sans goatee) to show how versatile Mark Grace is. As a fair weather White Sox fan, I know that any kind of 'cubs love' or 'cubs awareness' is discouraged. However, clean-cut Mark Grace is pretty good looking. In fact, according to this unofficial fan site that I found, "Grace's rugged good looks have earned him legions of female fans." Well, a couple male ones as well.

I know many people may be aware of certain rumors about Mark Grace that have circulated amongst the internet. I'm sure they're all true. The wikipedia page for "slumpbuster" automatically redirects to Mark Grace's wikipedia page. And I swear I didn't just do that myself.

#4 CJ Wilson - Texas Rangers

In full disclosure I had never even heard of CJ Wilson, some lackluster closer, until earlier this week when he was floated my direction by a buddy of mine. But boy, look at that smile and grungy hair! Plus, he's got a blog and he's not afraid to throw some bombs.

#3 Carlos Quentin - World Champion Chicago White Sox (well in 2005 anyway)

Here's Carlos Quentin giving an interview to Chicago's own alternative rock station Q101. Talk about honest faces! Enough said!

Plus, check out here for a sweet college pic.

#2 Casey Blake - Formerly of the Cleveland Indians

Just so its clear that my fawning over Casey Blake is not entirely due to his facial hair, here is a photo without that gloriously full beard. I know he looks a little cross-eyed in this photo, but with that strong chin line and those war markings on his face you can't go wrong.

#1 Vladimir Guerrero - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

I know that this might be a slightly controversial pick, or at least it was when his attractiveness was debated the other night at my house. BUT, I think Vlad looks great. He's got that wild hair and all that pine tar on his helmet, which projects that 'I just don't give a shit attitude.' Plus, he's got a pretty kick-ass name. From certain angles he looks like Omar from "The Wire." Plus, he was on my fantasy team (The Losers) for two years.

2nd Disclaimer: I reserve the right to revise this list as I am exposed to baseball players other than those who: (1) were on my fantasy team; or (2) are/were Chicago White Sox players.

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